Internal Pipe Bending 2.0

Bendforce GmbH combines many years of experience in the area of inside bending of pre-insulated pipes with innovative ideas. From the Celle location, we offer our pipe bending service all over the world. Unique technology enables previously impossible wall thicknesses and steel qualities to be bent in incomparable quality.

Mobility, reliability and tight bending radii characterize the service provided by Bendforce GmbH!

Our strengths

Tight bending radii

  • Down to 40xD (on longintudinal welded pipes)
  • Position of bend can be freely chosen
  • Short dead ends

Perfect quality

  • Out of roundness below 1%
  • Continous bend - no buckling/wrinkles┬á
  • Angle tolerance +-0,2┬░

Mobile solution

  • Stand alone system - installed in trailer
  • For big pipe dimensions - system inside of cargo container
  • Ready to use all over europe within a couple of days

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